Key Personnel

Meet our key personnel from Jota Group.

Simon Dolan


Simon Dolan is a prominent British businessman and owns a number of different companies across a wide range of sectors, including accountancy, employment services, publishing and aviation.

Forever a lover of great motor cars, Simon initially discovered motorsport first-hand when his wife purchased him a private coaching day at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground with professional racing driver Sam Hancock in 2007. This was Simons first ever track experience, after which he embarked on an intensive driver training programme with Sam, with the ultimate goal of racing at Le Mans.



A qualified materials engineer, former professional racing driver and veteran of Le Mans both as a driver, team owner and team manager for multiple high profile privateer and works outfits, Sam now focuses his attentions on running the Jota Sport racing team and overall development of the Jota group of companies.

Sam founded Jota in its original guise of Team Jota in 2000 and has been navigating its impressive development and growth since. Sam is a well-established figure in motorsport paddocks and as such also advises several major automotive manufacturers on their motorsport programmes.



David Clark is a celebrated historic car dealer and racer, with a lifelong involvement in the historic car business and GP racing.

He was a Director of McLaren from 1994-1998. A prominent driver in historic motorsport, he has raced some of the world’s greatest cars including the Aston Martin DBR1, DP212 and DP214; and the Ferrari 250 GTO and 250 SWB. His favourite car is his McLaren F1 GTR, which he has owned since 1997. In 1995, the car led Le Mans for 13 hours and eventually came third overall.


PARTNER & commercial director, JOTA Aviation

With over 20 years experience in aviation and an enviable network of valuable industry contacts, Andy was the perfect candidate to head up the Jota Group Aviation division when it was founded in 2009.

Andy is a recognised post holder by the CAA and his commercial acumen has pushed Jota Aviation to the forefront of the go now charter market.

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